Outside of raising children, marriage will be the toughest job you ever have. When you bring together two people and merge them into one, there will undoubtedly be conflicts. The key is finding the compromises in these conflicts, which is where many people struggle.

Sometimes you just need help, and there’s no shame in that. Dr. Lara Dye is a marriage counselor in Austin, TX, who also offers telehealth services for those who live a bit further away, such as Houston, Dallas, and Fort Worth. With years of experience in relationship counseling, Dr. Lara Dye can help. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the benefits of marriage counseling. Contact Dr. Lara today!


  • Mediator. Sometimes you just need to be heard, and it can be difficult when one partner is reluctant. When you see a couples counselor, such as Dr. Lara Dye in Austin, you’ll have someone who will mediate the discussion, giving equal opportunity for all parties to be heard in a calm manner with no loud voices or interruptions.
  • Learn communication skills. Communication skills is not something we are born with. You can tell this by witnessing a two-year old constantly say “mine” and then throw a temper tantrum when he or she doesn’t get the perceived mine item. With couples therapy, you’ll learn valuable communication skills and tools that will help you communicate with your partner, with an action plan developed specifically for your situation.
  • Learn how to resolve conflicts. This is probably the biggest contributing factor to divorces — irreconcilable differences really means the inability to solve conflicts. Your professional couples counselor, Dr. Lara Dye, will show you how to solve conflicts in meaningful, healthy ways so you can begin to work together instead of working against each other.
  • Understand your partner. People are complicated, no doubt about it. Especially if you’ve had a whirlwind courtship, you may not know your partner very well, which can lead to conflicts. Oftentimes, these conflicts block out our ability to understand our partner because we’ve used up all of our energy on arguing. Through specific actions designed for your situation, your professional couples counselor, such as Dr. Lara Dye, will not only help you understand your partner, but will also help draw you closer to one another.
  • Learn to use your words. Sure, you’d say this to your toddler, but it applies to adults as well. Words can cut deeper than knives. In marriage counseling, you’ll learn how to express your feelings without hurting your significant other’s feelings, which can lead to resentment and cause them to shut down.


Marriage is tough. Sometimes divorce is easier. But will you be happy with the easy way out? Dr. Lara Dye, a marriage counselor, specializes in helping couples in their relationships stay together through developing an action plan with specific steps to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and grow closer to one another. If you are in the Austin, TX, area or are available for telehealth services, contact her today for a couple counseling appointment!

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