Simply put, sex addiction is an intimacy disorder that is characterized by compulsive sexual thoughts and acts. Outward symptoms include pornography, masturbation, cybersex services, repeat infidelity, and transactional sex services. Dr. Lara Dye in Austin offers sex therapy counseling. Contact her today!


  • Realizing you have a problem
  • Distinguishing between healthy sex and unhealthy sex
  • Help with reconnecting with your partner
  • Discovering the source of your compulsion
  • Beginning the healing process through tools tailored to your needs
  • Gaining long-term support
  • Finding your life’s purpose once the weight of sex addiction has been lifted


Sex addiction is one of the toughest addictions to deal with, mainly because of the stigma attached. Sex is such an intimate issue that it’s tough to talk about and tends to be shoved under the rug rather than brought out into the open. A CSAT (certified sex addiction specialist) in Austin, Dr. Lara Dye specializes in helping those with sex addictions heal and gain healthy relationships. Below, we’ll go into a bit more detail of what sex therapy entails. Contact Dr. Lara today!Contact Dr. Lara Dye today!

  • Admitting you have a problem. Sex is a natural human activity, and it can be difficult to know when your sexual life has crossed over and become excessive and unhealthy. One common way to know is when your sexual activity starts to interfere with your every day life. For example, if you’ve started looking at pornography at work, paying for sex, or cheating on your spouse, it may be time to seek out a CSAT or an addiction specialist in your area.
  • Discovering the root cause. A CSAT, or other sex therapist, can help you determine if you do, indeed, have a sex addiction. Once this is determined, the actual work begins. There is usually an underlying cause that has nothing to do with sex itself. There may even be a biochemical abnormality in the brain that can increase your risk for sex addiction. Often, sex addicts come from dysfunctional families, and some have suffered sexual abuse themselves when they were younger. A CSAT professional can help you identify the root cause and heal that trauma, which will often almost heal the sex addiction symptom itself.
  • Begin the healing process through specialized tools. CSATs have been trained to help those suffering from sex addictions. After addressing the underlying issue of your sex addiction, we’ll shift our focus to addressing the impulse. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Treatment (CBTT) helps by shifting your focus with special tools. Furthermore, we’ll give you tools to help prevent relapses as well. Prescription medications may be in order, especially if you also suffer from panic disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or some other disorder.

If you or someone you know is dealing with unhealthy sexual relations, sex addiction therapy may be for you. Dr. Lara Dye in Austin is a CSAT who has a passion for helping those suffering from addictions. She offers a safe, confidential environment, so you can begin to heal and lead a healthier life. Contact her today for addiction treatment!


More attention has been paid to sex addiction than to love and relationship addiction because several of our media and sports heroes have been humbled, and their lives dismantled by sex addiction. It will likely be years until sex and love addiction are seen as real, extremely dangerous, and most importantly, treatable.

Some may ask, “Aren’t men who sleep around or cheat on their partners, just being ‘men’? And aren’t women who chase a guy, either to the point of obsession, or who go from guy to guy, just ‘needy’ women?”

After training with love and sex addiction expert Pia Mellody, and treating many people with similar patterns of relational issues, I know that sex and love behaviors can be excessive and can eventually be debilitating to the individual.

The sex addict is likely to obsess about sexual activity or behavior, crave intensity, and experience compulsive sexual behaviors as a way of relaxing, soothing, or distracting themselves from uncomfortable feelings. The sex addict is often aware that they are unable to control or stop their behavior. Without help, they could lose family and friends or their job and financial stability.

Whether you need individual or marriage counseling, we can help. All of our therapy services are private and confidential.


Some say that addictions can be a lifelong battle, even after undergoing a successful sex addiction therapy program led by compassionate and caring CSATs, such as Dr. Lara Dye in Austin and Dallas/Fort Worth. The thoughts, the compulsions may always be there; but there is hope.

Hope is found in realizing that the act of sex is the symptom, not the cause, of your inner pain. Oftentimes, childhood trauma can play a key role in sexual compulsions, which left a feeling of being unloved and thus a need to feel some sort of love, even if only briefly. Sex is the outward sign of you trying to fill a hole left empty inside. Successful sex addiction therapy is about filling that hole with fulfilling relationships and hopefully with someone whom you truly love and who truly loves you. Even if you are single, finding your passion or something constructive is needed in order to aid recovery. Keeping busy with work and hobbies can be helpful; having a support network is vital.

Of course, everyone is different and every struggle has different degrees for everyone. That’s why Dr. Lara Dye’s sex addiction therapy services look different for every person who walks through the door. Some sex addicts will make a full recovery with few desires towards unhealthy sexual compulsions. Others will struggle, perhaps their whole lives, and may need a more extensive sex addiction therapy treatment program. But know that support is available, and having the tools to keep your compulsions in check is the key to life after sex addiction therapy.

Dr. Lara Dye, an addiction specialist, can give you those tools. She now serves all of Texas through her telehealth services, including Houston, Austin, Dallas, and Fort Worth. Contact her today to get started!

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In this group, you will find support and understanding while learning about how sex addiction affects you emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Expert group facilitation will help you heal and make critical decisions about yourself in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

This group is for adults of all ages and is now forming. To find out more about joining, please contact Dr. Dye today.

If you are struggling with sex addiction,
there is hope! Let’s talk.


The goal and intent of this psychotherapy group is to solidify recovery and delve into ‘deeper’ psychological structures that may contribute to or maintain addictive thoughts and behaviors. Group time will be spent working in Patrick Carnes’ Facing the Shadows, working the ‘Tasks of Recovery’ as his is a Task Based Model. We will also be discussing issues coming up for each group member in terms of their recovery, conflicts or difficulties in relationships, work, etc. Group members will benefit from learning to identify and appropriately express emotion, ask for and be open to group support.

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