Clinical Psychologist | Addiction Specialist


Most importantly, I provide a safe and confidential environment for you to discuss private issues. I use traditional psychotherapy modalities that are shown in clinical research to be effective in treating process and substance addiction, childhood trauma and PTSD, exploitive relationships, sexual assault survival, and adjustment disorders. Find out more about my practice here.

Optimizing Couple's Satisfaction

All couples go through difficult times where they don’t feel connected to each other. In many cases, either a betrayal or chronic conflict is in the way of a satisfying and caring relationship. Feelings of anger, hurt, and confusion create distance between the partners. In spite of the disconnection and hurt, both partners desire to return to or re-create the feelings of connection, safety, and warmth that were once the foundation of the relationship. Read more here.



The first step is to take the first step

As a clinical psychologist, I provide a safe, private, and therapeutic environment for you to discuss sensitive topics in complete confidentiality. It is important that you feel safe enough to speak your truth. Being able to honestly share the events, thoughts, feelings, and concerns that are troubling you is a big step toward healing and a healthy, more satisfying life.

I have worked with clients in therapy for more than 19 years and I love my work.  I feel honored that my clients trust me with the most vulnerable memories or feelings, and I feel truly empathic toward them.

Velina Villarreal is a Licensed Professional Counselor and member of Dr. Dye’s private practice who also helps people dealing with addictive behaviors, unresolved trauma, and relationship issues.

Both in-office and video counseling sessions are available, whether you need an addiction specialist, couples therapy, or one of the other services we provide. Schedule the type and length of appointment you prefer with either Dr. Dye or Velina today.


“Following a traumatic life event involving deep betrayal and a subsequent divorce, I began working with Dr. Dye. Through her expertise and guidance, I came to understand that traumatic events from childhood were adding to my current pain and keeping me in a cycle of reaction instead of decision in my life. Knowing this and being able to affect a change in my behavior were two very different things. I was aware, but unable to truly change things through weekly sessions alone. At Dr. Dye’s suggestion, I attended a three-day intensive with her and it has truly been life changing. I was able to see the connection between events in my childhood and how I currently operate in relationships. I was able to address moments that created beliefs that no longer serve my functional adult. I am forever grateful for the insights, the work, and Dr. Dye’s compassionate work”. B.P. – Attended Survivor’s Workshop
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