Childhood trauma can take many forms, from physical, sexual, or emotional trauma to a life-changing event. Childhood trauma often negatively impacts your adult life, whether you realize it or not. Problems can show up as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A professional psychologist can give you the tools to heal. Contact Dr. Lara today!


  • Develop close friendships
  • Take good care of your physical and emotional health
  • Honestly evaluate your defence mechanisms
  • Push your fear of being hurt aside
  • Allow others to help you
  • Accept your pain and then let go of it
  • Consider contacting a professional therapist to help
  • Give yourself time to heal


Everyone is broken. We live in a broken world where most of us try to do our best just to survive. In the course of your life, you will experience hardships, and maybe even trauma, which is an event that is emotionally painful that results in mental and/or physical effects. Childhood trauma is when you experience an emotional event as a child. Dr. Lara Dye, a clinical psychologist in Austin, specializes in helping those who have experienced childhood trauma heal. Below, are some steps necessary to heal from childhood trauma. Do note that these are general steps, which may or may not pertain to you. Seeing a professional clinical psychologist can tailor a childhood trauma healing program for you. Contact Dr. Lara Dye today!

  • Get close to people. As a child, when you are hurt, you tend to push people away, which is a tendency that can continue into adulthood. This is because you are afraid of being hurt again. This also may be subconscious on your part. Find a close group of friends to love who will love you back.
  • Take care of yourself in all aspects, including physical, emotional, and spiritual. As a childhood trauma survivor, you may have a tendency to believe you are undeserving of love and have low self-esteem. Hence, you may be tempted to let your self-care go. This often results in only more self-loathing. Exercise releases endorphins, which help to keep anxiety and depression away. Plus, you’re worth it.
  • Recognize why you do the things you do. As a child, you just reacted. You didn’t have the mental capacity to understand the why. As an adult, you do. You may become angry in certain situations that remind you of your trauma, or you don’t trust anyone to help you. A professional therapist can help you discover these coping mechanisms and change them.

Dr. Lara Dye in Austin is a specialist in childhood trauma therapy and trauma counseling. If you are experiencing pain, loneliness, disconnection, depression, anxiety, or any other symptom from your childhood trauma, Dr. Lara Dye can help. Contact her today!


Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can stem from childhood and have profound effects later in life. Those who have suffered as children due to parents who were unreliable, chaotic, and dangerous emotionally, physically, and/or sexually are especially susceptible to “growing” an addiction.

Often they escape their families of origin with high hopes that they will now go on to live a life of freedom and peace, and even find love. They are shocked to find that time after time, they end up in relationships in which they feel victimized, manipulated, or are care-taking someone.

It hits them one day that they have repeated their past, and cast current relationships to closely resemble the childhood family drama, always resulting in similar pain, loneliness, and disconnection. Hopelessness often sets in when they begin to believe that they can’t find and engage in a healthy relationship.

If you are struggling to overcome the emotional, sexual or physical trauma that happened in childhood contact us for help. We provide childhood trauma therapy, and help you move forward. Our therapy services are private and confidential.

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