It is estimated that about one in six men have experienced sexual abuse as a child. Likely, this number is grossly underestimated since society tends to brush this under the carpet instead of admit it’s a problem. Although the sex abuse scandals of the Roman Catholic church has brought this into the limelight, it still remains a terrible problem that society needs to address. When you consider that the number of men who experienced some sort of sexual abuse is greater than the number of men who are diagnosed with prostrate cancer, society needs to address this issue.

Dr. Lara Dye is a certified sex addiction therapist (CSAT) who understands the trauma this causes boys who carry this into adulthood. She offers individual counseling, group therapy, and now telehealth services to those in the Austin, Dallas, Fort Worth, and surrounding areas. She specializes in helping those who have experienced childhood trauma heal. Below, we’ll discuss the benefits of sex abuse therapy for men. Contact Dr. Lara Dye in Austin today!


  • Promotes healing. We’ll start with the most important part of sex abuse therapy — healing. You cannot change the past, but you can change the future. Sexual abuse counseling can help you gain a new perspective on your life and form a positive view of the future. Through the tools offered to you by your professional therapist, such as Dr. Lara Dye in Austin, you can begin to move on from the past. With years of experience of helping people heal from childhood trauma, Dr. Lara Dye can help you get on the right path to life.
  • Rids you of any guilt you may feel. Many sex abuse victims incorrectly believe the abuse they suffered was somehow their fault. Children especially believe this since they are too young to understand why this is happening. Furthermore, children are more likely to be indoctrinated by their perpetrator so that the perpetrator gets away with his or her actions. Sexual abuse is never the victim’s fault. Having an attentive ear to hear what you are feeling, what anxieties you may have, and just someone to rid yourself cathartically of all your hurt feelings can be therapeutic in itself.
  • Gives you coping skills. There may be triggers in your life that happen that throw you into a downward spiral. You may shut down. You may even act out, even by being promiscuous. Sexual abuse victims often develop unhealthy coping mechanisms in response to their childhood trauma. When you see a professional therapist, such as Dr. Lara Dye, you’ll gain positive and healthy coping skills to replace the negative coping skills. These will be invaluable as you move forward in your life and with your relationships.

Dr. Lara Dye offers therapy for childhood trauma, including therapy for those who experienced sexual trauma as a child. Sex abuse does not discriminate. It happens to women and men of every race, color, and creed. No matter who you are, if you’ve experienced sexual abuse as a child in the Austin, Houston, or Dallas area, contact Dr. Lara Dye today!

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